Dragon Ride preparations

First, let me say sorry I’ve not put up a post for a little while, it’s been very busy since the Castle Ride and I’ve kept running out of time!

I’ve managed a couple of rides over the last two weekends, the longest just a 72 miler yesterday. This isn’t really by design (I’d aimed to be doing longer distances both weekends) but because I’m still concerned about my knee, which is still quite fragile after the Castle Ride. I’m going to rest all this week, with maybe a couple of early morning stretching and core strengthening efforts.

Brasted Hill is a good place to train!

On the plus side, I’ve given my bike a major service, which it was very thankful for after the mileage and weather conditions it’s experienced since I bought it back in February. Happily there were no issues identified and it’s cleaned up well too, with just a few marks on the matt black paint, which I guess is to be expected.

It’s always easier to take things apart than put them back together again…

I have also replaced the standard 11-28t cassette with an 11-32t, the 32t acting as a bail out gear if the hills get really bad on Sunday. Testing everything out on my ride this weekend, the extra gear was definitely a good shout and the shifting just as smooth as before.
I have my race pack from Human Race with all the details, race numbers etc and have looked up my start time too: 08:22. They ask you to get to the event an hour before your start time, but I really can’t think why, as you don’t even need to register on the morning. Are they just worried about parking and queues I wonder?

This week I’m going to do a final check on the bike, sort out the race numbers etc then get the car all packed and ready for heading done to Swansea on Saturday. I might try and get hold of a saddle bag too just to carry an extra inner tube etc. I also need to study the very useful Gran Fondo route guide on the event website and plan which drinks stops I’m going to aim for and also where all the hills are (from a glance the answer looks to be ‘everywhere’)

All ready for 11 June, note the larger cassette!

Next post will be a sportive review..! 


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