Going up a gear

I’ve had a couple of weeks now where I’ve not been able to get out on the bike for a proper training ride, although I have managed to squeeze a couple of turbo trainer sessions in on weekday mornings before work.

That has to change from now though, as it’s less than eight weeks until the Dragon Ride and I’ve finally confirmed with Human Race my planned upgrade from the Medio Fondo, at 153km, to the Gran Fondo distance, which is 230km (about 140 miles)

So I’ve booked the next couple of Fridays off work and am going to head off for some proper distance rides. I’m looking forward to these as the number one thing I like about cycling is seeing different places and, like I said in my previous post, my local routes are starting to feel a bit stale.

It’ll also give me a chance to try out my new tyres. My Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 came set up tubeless as standard, using Giant Gavia SL tyres. I was sceptical about running tubeless on a road bike, but thought it was worth giving it a go. On the Fool’s Errand sportive though, I picked up a nasty cut in the front tyre courtesy of a small piece of flint.

The offending flint

The sealant sealed and it kept its pressure, but I wasn’t comfortable running another long ride on the tyre, so looked for replacement options. I was in two minds about staying tubeless, as I don’t like the fact that you need an air compressor to get new tyres seated on the rim properly, but I do see the benefit of instant and automatic puncture repairs out on a ride! A little bit of research, however, revealed that there are still very limited options for people looking to buy tubeless, and I do like variety! So I’ve shifted back to inner tubes and clincher tyres. It’ll be interesting to see if the comfort levels decrease out on a ride as a result, but I’m fully expecting not to be able to tell any difference… 

All change

I’ve opted for Vittoria Corsa G+ 700x25c tyres and, purely because I saw some in the peleton when watching the Paris Roubaix, I’ve taken an aesthetic punt and gone for the gumwall version. I think they look quite good, but no doubt it’s a question of personal taste!

So I’m going to try and keep this blog going as I pick up the training effort and report back with my progress on a regular basis.

If you’re training for the Dragon Ride, or anything else for that matter, I’d love to hear from you. Finally, please do look me up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @jackcyle2017

Thanks very much for reading. 



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