A weekend off can be a good thing

The weekend just gone brought the best weather of the year here in Kent, with temperatures well into the twenties in the sun. Perfect for a nice long ride? Well yes, but also perfect for barbecues and relaxing at home!

I picked the latter option, for a few reasons. First, you might have seen on my Instagram (@jackcycle2017) that I’ve picked up a nasty hole in my front tyre, currently plugged by tubeless sealant and the offending stone. But I could’ve taken my winter bike out whilst waiting for new tyres to arrive, so that on its own wasn’t an excuse. Secondly, I’ve lost some enthusiasm for my solo weekend rides, as the routes are getting a bit too familiar. But then I spent Friday evening creating a new route heading down into the Ashdown Forest on Strava, so that’s not an excuse either! So thirdly, I’ve read that sometimes it’s good to give training a break for a week, both to let your body recover and refresh, but also your mind too. I have to say it’s worked, as my legs have shaken off the permanent achiness I’d gotten used to, and I’m really looking forward to getting back on the bike for my next ride.

Fourthly, barbecues.



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