The Fool’s Errand, in more ways than one… 

This weekend I’m signed up for a local sportive in Hadlow, Kent: “The Fool’s Errand: the joy of six” It’s organised by a charity, Wide Horizons, who work to help provide adventure learning activities for children as part of their usual education. 

Doing the long route (120km), it’s hopefully going to be a good challenge and I know from my local rides that the scenery will be stunning too. I’ll post a full review next week. Watching the weather this morning, we should be sitting in a nice high pressure by the weekend too, so fingers crossed it may even be warm! 

As the title of this post suggests, this weekend’s sportive isn’t the only silly thing on my mind at the moment. Since the Haywards Heath Howler, I’ve been wondering whether or not to try and push myself to do the Gran Fondo route (140 miles) on the Dragon Ride in June, rather than the Medio Fondo (95 miles) which I’m currently entered for. I figure that, if I’m putting in this much time and effort to prepare for the ride, I might as well make the end goal really worth it! So I’ve emailed Humanrace (the organisers of the Dragon Ride) to ask them if I need to do anything to officially “upgrade” my entry, or if I even can. I had an automatic reply from them saying they’re flooded with emails and would take up to seven days to respond, so my plans are in tense suspension for a few more days…

In the meantime, I need to check over the bike before Sunday, as I hit a bump near Hever Castle on my ride last weekend, which resulted in an intermittent clicking noise somewhere down near the chainset, when under power. Hopefully nothing major and I couldn’t see anything obvious at the time (I had terrible thoughts of cracked frames so immediately stopped to take a look!) but I’d like to get to the bottom of it asap.



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